• Professional Coder

    [AGE 12+]

    The Dr Code Professional Coder focuses on challenge-based learning which introduces text-based programming to the students through popular programming languages like Python, Java, and Swift etc. Students will learn how to apply design thinking and human-computer interaction principles to design an app or a program that meets user needs and pitch their ideas to the class.


    Android Studio App Development

    Course Description


    In this course, participants will be learning the basics of Java, leveraging on which, they will develop multiple Android apps on Android Studio, the official Integrated Development Environment for Android which uses the Java programming language. By the end of this course, students will develop 5 functional apps. Participants will also have the option of having their apps published on the Play Store.

    Lesson Outcome

    • Develop Android applications using basic Java language
    • Deploy fully functional Android games
    • Create interactive applications by incorporating media
    • Use existing API to develop powerful Android applications
    • Personalise UI/UX of application
    • Upload an Android application into Play Store


    • Develop 5 functional Android apps
    • Learn Java which is application beyond Android development


    • Participants should prepare their own notebook computer and Android smart phone
    • Knowledge of basic programming is required

    Location 1

    United Christian Music Kindergarten

    Coming soon...

    Location 2

    SDM One Island South Centre

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