• Adventurer

    [AGE 9-11]

    The Dr Code Adventurer looks into more advanced programming concepts through block-based programming such as Android App Inventor or Thunkable. This class will challenge the students to come up with creative and user-centric solutions to real-world problems that they unearth through street interviews with real users. Subsequently, they will be tasked to work in groups and create a prototype of their ideas.


    Android App Design

    Course Description


    This course aims to introduce participants to design innovation. With the help of MIT App Inventor, an interactive programming interface perfect for beginners at coding, this class will equip students with necessary programming and user experience design skills to make their very own app. The final challenge is for the participants to come up with creative solutions to a problem which all of them should be able to relate to – waking up for school!

    Lesson Outcome

    • Coding concepts: Variables, Loops, Random number generation
    • Software concepts: Front-end, back-end of software application
    • Arithmetic skills: Coordinate system, mathematical operations
    • Hardware: Using sensors to enhance apps


    • Develop 3 apps, including an innovative and empathic alarm clock app


    • Participants should prepare their own notebook computers and Android smart phones

    Location 1

    United Christian Music Kindergarten

    Coming soon...

    Location 2

    SDM One Island South Centre

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