• Why Dr CodE?

    1. We know how to teach
      We have the best academic team. We are the ONLY course provider having all professor team in designing the course

    2. We have proven record
      5000+ students over 2.5 years. We have teaching experience in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, government organization and corporates

    3. Singapore experience
      Singapore ranks world #1 for public education in Maths and Science*. We are trained to create and innovate, not only learning

    4. We know the best technology
      Co-founder Dr. Simon Lui was a visiting scholar at MIT teaching machine learning classes. His class size started from 50 students to 200 students at the end

    5. We know what is STEAM
      Dr. Lui is an expert in STEAM education and his paper was published in NASA. We emphasis in the strong application side of the program. This is not only a class, but an invention experience by your kid

    6. We are parents

      We know what parents care about, and we have parenting experts sharing ideas how to cope with parenting in the future education

      *According to PISA test 2015

    About Us

    Dr Code is a company which provides professor-lead coding courses specifically designed for the needs of young children between ages 4-15. Most of our team members are teaching professors in renowned universities and have dedicated their time and effort in nurturing the next generation of talents whom can change our world. Our Chief Advisor was formerly visiting scholar in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT Media Lab will be used as a platform to conduct some of our courses.

    What is Coding and Future Education?

    Coding is the “ABC” of computer programming. With the rise of EdTech and web age, the future of education will be led by digital learning and the terms “Net Class” and “classrooms in the cloud” will be getting popular. The deployments of artificial intelligence (AI) in the economy will inevitably changing the way of work and life over time.


    As a foreword looking parents to prepare your kids to face the future challenge, learning the language of computer programming is a good way to teach your kid computational thinking and the way to train up logical thinking.

    Why should we learn coding at an early age?

    1. Be a smarter thinker
      Your children would be exposed to a large variety of computational thinking, thus building up an all-rounded problem-solving mindset by practicing step-by-step dissection and execution in various scenarios.
    2. Creativity
      Coding stimulates your children to think outside of the box, thus applying their innovative mindsets on a diurnal basis.
    3. Boost of confidence
      By learning fundamental machine literacy, your children could share their inventions with friends, building more confidence. 
    4. Tighten bonding 
      Through learning coding together, parents and children could spend quality time bonding while learning and cooperatively creating different DIY inventions.

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