• Dr Code onsite service

    We cooperated with various schools/education institutes to deliver onsite courses and workshops. Please contact us at hello@drcode.tech for details.

    Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

    Micro:bit Workshop

    In this fun and creative Micro:bit workshop, students developed different carnival games through programming their Micro:bit.

    Pui Ching Middle School

    Micro:bit Workshop

    We do more than the traditional STEM education. In this Pui Ching Middle School workshop, students hand-made their own security box by programming Micro:bit, combing with extensions like neopixel and buzzer.

    Victoria Nursery & Kindergarten

    Interest Class: Robot Turtles Meet Scratch Jr

    We teach programming through both online and offline platforms. Students are able to create their own animation at the end of the course.

    Gigamind Kindergarten

    Interest Class: Craftbot, Robot Turtles, Scratch Jr

    We provide different tailor-made preschool ECA courses to schools to nurture preschoolers' interest in coding and programming.

    HKFYG-Continuous Learning Centre

    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Adults

    Apart from courses for children and teens, we also provide professional and practical AI course to adults.

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