• STEM Lab - Creativity Laboratory


    STEM is the abbreviation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM is also a representative of “Innovation” and “Advances”. In recent years, many countries have started to promote STEM education through their public education systems. In 2009, the USA signed the act about STEM education in order to put sufficient resources into long-term education development. In 2003, Singapore also set up fundamental support for the future development of STEM as preparation of future development for the next generations. To stand out in the global economy, STEM education is indispensable.


    Dr. Code STEM Lab provides one-stop service for STEM education, ranging from custom-made programmes, teacher training to STEM laboratory design and construction.


    A high-quality programme can facilitate students to learn rapidly and effectively. A high-quality STEM Lab allows students to learn knowledge in a well-equipped environment, nurturing students’ developments in different aspects.


    For details, please email us at hello@drcode.tech.