• Terms and conditions

    1. Enrolment

    1. Applicants will receive an email about booking confirmation once they make the application online via www.drcode.tech.
    2. Once the applicant receives the email from 1.1) applicant shall pay in accordance with the payment instruction within the time frame as stated in the email and email the payment proof to hello@drcode.tech as instructed in the email. A failure to pay within the time frame will not guarantee the seat availability of the applicant, and Dr Code is not liable in such event.
    3. Confirmation of the student’s application is only deemed effective when the applicant receives both our email notification on the placement confirmation as stated in Clause 1.1) and also applicant complete the payment arrangement as stated in Clause1.2).
    4. No Refund on the enrollment fee will be given once the enrollment fee is paid to Dr Code.
    5. Student may be required to do entry assessment to determine the suitability of the student to a specific course/program.
    6. No refund of enrollment fees shall be due in the event of non-attendance by student or the withdrawal of student.
    7. Parents/Guardian, the payer and the Student will inform Dr Code promptly of any changes to the personal details contained in the Application Form.
    8. Dr Code reserves the final right to accept, reject and/or discontinue any student’s enrollment before and/or after the commencement of the course/program. In such event, Dr Code will refund the payment in pro-rata to the remaining class(es) in which the student has not attended.
    9. Dr Code reserves the right to grant promotional rate to specific students for marketing purpose and in such event, Dr Code is not liable to any claims for the pricing difference from those students not covered under such marketing programs. 

    2. Request to change Class and Make up Class

    1. For Regular course(s)/programs, subjected to the approval of Dr Code and availability of seat, student can apply to Dr Code to change class within the first two weeks after commencement of the course/program. In such event if there is a price difference between the new class and the original class, the price will be based on the higher one and no refund policy for the adjustment in class fee.
    2. Due to the limited seat in each course, if a student missing a class for whatever reason, the student has no right to attend make up class. However, the resources used in that class may be made available to the student on request.

    3. Rearrangement and/or Cancellation of class

    1. Dr Code reserves the final right to determine if the class has met minimum enrollment before commencement of the course/program. In such event, Dr Code reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the student’s enrollment at any time due to the insufficient enrollment of such class. If the student disagrees with such rearrangement, Dr Code will refund the full enrollment fee collected from the student for the related course/program.
    2. Dr Code reserves the right to change the venue for the course/program. In such event, Dr Code will inform the student of the related course/program. If the student refuses such rearrangement, he/she can claim the refund in pro rata to the classes he/she has not attended.
    3. In the event of closure of the class due to severe weather conditions, or an emergency situation announced by Hong Kong Observatory or Hong Kong Education Bureau, Dr Code is not obligated to provide a substitute class and no reduction or refund in fees will be due.

    4. Class Instructor

    1. Dr Code reserves the right to assign any class instructor to any course/program without prior consent or notice to the student for such arrangement.
    2. If Dr Code fails to provide a class due to teacher’s absence, every effort will be made to provide a substitute class at another time within 3 month of such event. If student cannot attend such rearrangement, a refund equivalent to the pro-rata fee will be arranged in such event.  

    5. Exclusion

    1. Dr Code reserves the right to exclude a student for a fixed period of time and/or permanently excluded for
      1. a breach of Class Rules;
      2. Non-payment of Fee; or
      3. If the Head of the Class considered opinion the Parent’s behavior is unreasonable and is likely to affect adversely the student or other students or staff at the Class, or to bring Dr Code into disrepute. In such event, no refund on the enrolment will be allowed for the remaining class of that student.

    6. Insurance and Safety

    1. Student’s personal property is not covered by Dr Code when student is at class venue. Dr Code has no responsibility for loss or damage to student’s personal property on the venue premises or on venue visits.
    2. Parents shall pick up their children or arrange transportation within a maximum of 15 minutes after the end of each class. Dr Code has no responsibility to look after any student after the class. Dr Code does not require student to inform us when they leave our venue premises.
    3. In case a student suddenly turns very sick or has accident during the class, Dr Code will inform the parents and/or guardian via their contact numbers. If the parent and/or guardian cannot be reached, parents and/or guardian authorize Dr Code to send the student to the nearest hospital in such situation.
    4. The safety and healthy of the children are our common concern, while Dr Code will do our utmost to ensure the safety and comfort at the teaching venue, we cannot guarantee that no injuries or mishap will occur. Dr Code undertakes no liability or responsibility whatsoever should any injury or mishap happen to any student within the class venue with participating in our course(s)/program(s).

    7. Data Protection

    1. Personal data provided by or relating to Parent, Payer or student will be used by Dr Code for the purposes of fee billing and collection; maintaining student records; providing information to third parties as required in connection with provision of a student’s education; statistical analysis; market research; communications including Dr Code’s publications and promotional material; and any other purpose as notified by Dr Code to the information commissioner.

    8. Marketing

    1. Dr Code reserves the right to use the student’s photo, works created during the class for marketing purposes. A student’s details may be used in our marketing materials including but not limited to the student’s first name and details of educational achievements. Dr Code may also use video footage including your child. Dr Code reserves all rights to images and video footage. If you do not wish your child’s details or photos, or video footage including your child to be used in such a way, you must inform us in writing by sending to hello@drcode.tech within seven days of the dated Application Form.

    9. Non-disclosure of Course and/or Program materials

    1. Any in class materials, including but not limited to courses notes, equipment, devices, assessment form, assignment, are private piece of work under Dr Code. Parents and student can have reasonable use of the related materials but are prohibited to reproduce, distribute, display via their social media and/or platform without the written consent of Dr Code.

    10. Variations of the Terms & Conditions of this Agreement

    1. Dr Code reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions without prior notice to or consent from the student and/or parents/guardian.
    2. This Terms and Conditions has both English and Chinese version. In the event of the need of any interpretation or dispute arises, the English version prevails.

    11. Contact Us

    Please reach us at the below contact method and please let us know the full name of the student, the enrolment class and your contact number.


    Our email: hello@drcode.tech

    Our phone: +852 3952 6748


    Effective as of 10 June, 2019